About OnlyOnFlies

OnlyOnFlies is a site (really an ongoing project) I have been thinking about for years. I have been chasing and catching fish with a fly rod for over 40 years. From rivers, lakes and streams mostly across the West to numerous forays into the salt for tarpon, bonefish and dozens of other species. I have also chased the wiley bass. I have caught fish on a fly that, to this day, I still cannot identify.

One of the resources I wish I had as a beginner with a thousand questions is a single place (web sites did not exist back then) where I could go and and get answers to all the questions. All I had at the time were books...I have read many, fly shops...they had a bias for the "things "on the shelf, and fishing friends...most of whom are "liars. 

We plan to focus as much time and energy as possible helping the beginners and, those interested in finding out more about fly fishing. OnlyOnFlies is all about providing information and resources in a somewhat organized manner for fly fishers of all skill levels. We will do this with articles, videos and links to what we believe are some of the best sources available.

Now we have the "web" where all those answers and much of the information I wanted resides (perhaps hides is a better term). OnlyOnFlies is our effort to bring all of that information together to help the fly fisherman find many of the answers I had to search for...

As we go forward, I welcome your ideas, comments and criticism...all the bright sunny days and too much wind has made me tough enough to take it.

Good Fishing and Tight Lines!

Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions or comments...thank you