This section is currently "Under Construction". There is content of value here now...more will be added soon...thanks

Fly fishing "accessories" can put you in the poor house...there are many and they are varied. The following section will talk about many of them. I guess I should also say that I am a gadget guy and it is the accessory items that make me look 50 pounds heavier with my vest on...they are tucked and hung everywhere,

NetsNets, more or less, speak for themselves. However, the proper net may be more important than you think. We will discuss the use of nets in genera and the different types of nets. If you do not use a net...we will discuss why you should consider using one...assuming you practice "catch and release".

Vests and Gear Bags"How am I going to carry and organize all of this stuff?" There are very few things worse than getting out on the water and not having what you need, A good vest or chest pack and a gear bag are essential to virtually all fly fishermen. Personally, I hate checking to see that I have everything I need...or might need once I get close to the water...time on the water is just too important.

Fly BoxesI think I have some sort of "fetish" when it comes to fly boxes. Fly boxes, especially the right fly boxes have been a bit of a issue for me over the years. I have lost hundreds of flies because the box was not just right for the flies. As a result, I must have 2-3 dozen fly boxes. Maybe I will start a fly box museum.  In the "olden days", fly boxes were nothing more than simple plastic boxes with small square boxes inside...things have changed...

"Tools"...the small stuff -