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Tactics and Techniques: Steelhead and Salmon

Jerry Denson/

Tactics and Techniques: Steelhead and Salmon

Some of the basics on fly fishing for Steelhead and Salmon.

I have done a good bit of salmon and steelhead fishing here on the West coast from Alaska to Northern California. With the salmon, I have almost always been successful. With steelhead, not so much. With both, the very best secret I can share is "be where the fish are"...too bad it is not that simple.

As I am still working on figuring it all out, I thought my limited knowledge would best be related through the following articles and videos. I have read/watched many and these are the ones that seemed to best relate to my experiences.

Steelhead & Salmon Fly Fishing - by Tom Rosenbauer and Orvis. This is an excellent series of videos for those wanting a good general picture of what fly fishing for steelhead and salmon is all about.

Fly Fishing Steelhead and Salmon - by Fly Fisherman Magazine. This is a very good article that provides some good general information and the comm (on techniques for both salmon and steelhead.

Steelhead & Salmon on a Fly - How To - by Tom Rosenbauer and The New Fly Fisher. This is a good video that covers all of the basics.

Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon - A Compact Guide for Beginners - this article by adh Fishing does a good job of covering fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon.

Skating flies for summer steelhead - by Dean Finnerty and Trout Unlimited. Dean is the northwest regional director for TU's Sportsmen’s Conservation Project as well as director of the TU Wild Steelhead Initiative. He has also worked as a steelhead and salmon guide.

The Coho - A User's GuideMark Hieronymus Alaska Fly Fishing Goods. The coho salmon is known to many fly fishers as the "Silver" salmon. Of all the salmon, the coho is probably the most likely to readily take a fly.

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