Tactics and Techniques: Bass for a trout guy...

Fly fishing for bass, either largemouth or smallmouth is a whole different deal than fishing for trout. First, and most importantly, bass are way more aggressive than are trout. Second, locating bass is usually way less complicated than finding trout...unless of course the trout are rising. The key to finding bass is structure. Bass are primarily ambush predators and, as such, almost always look for cover from which they can attack unwary prey. Weeds, rocks, sunken logs are all examples of where you will likely find bass. Third, if you bring your trout fly box(es) on a bass trip, there is a very good chance that everything you have is too small. Bass flies are large...very large when compared to trout flies. Bass tend to prefer big food over small food. Therefore, your gear needs to be bigger and heavier so you can adequately cast these big flies that typically have more weight and, being larger, have way more wind resistance. Finally, compared to trout, bass are everywhere...they are a "warm" water fish so do not require the cold flowing water that is typical for trout. The articles below will help you understand the important differences between fly fishing for trout and chasing bass.

3 Reasons You're Not Catching Bass - by Dave Parsons and Flymen Fishing Co. This article talks about the primary differences between fly fishing for bass and fishing for trout from a trout perspective. 

The Inside Secrets of Fly Fishing For Bass - by Bass Angler Magazine. This article is also helpful in helping the trout fisher understand they key differences between fly fishing for trout and fly fishing for bass.

Bass on a Fly - Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing - by The New Fly Fisher

Largemouth bass on the fly: Tips from the pros - by Mike Hodge and Hatch Magazine.

Here is a link to 4-5 articles on fly fishing for bass from Fly Fisherman Magazine. All of these articles are on one page...one behind the other. All with good information. Click here...