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Gary Borger

Gary Borger is one of the world’s foremost fly fishing educators. He has been a fly fisher since 1955 and has taught classes and lectured internationally on all aspects of fly fishing for trout and salmon. A free-lance writer and photographer, Gary is also a Contributing Editor for Fly Fisherman Magazine, Editor at Large for the Virtual Fly Shop, and Fly Fishing Columnist for North American Fisherman. He has written eight best-selling books on fly fishing: “Nymphing,” “Naturals,” “The Borger Color System,” “Designing Trout Flies,” “Presentation,” ”Fishing the Film,” “Reading Waters,” and “Long Flies.” Gary also pioneered video instruction with his release of “Nymphing” in 1982 and is a designer of fly rods and reels, clothing and many other innovative angling products and fly designs. He is internationally recognized for his conservation efforts and is a founding board member of Trout Unlimited, the Federation of Fly Fishers, and many other organizations.
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