OnlyOnFlies Dec. 9,2019 Newsletter

Image Credit: David Lambroughton

Tips & Techniques

I have made about 15 trips to various saltwater destinations over the past 40 years or so. Before most of them I have spent weeks preparing...from reviewing knots I rarely use to casting...lots of casting. If you want to get the most from a saltwater trip, you need to be prepared in every way possible. Like many of you, I am always trying to educate myself when it comes to fly fishing. I read a lot and,in recent years, I also watch videos. One thing that does not get nearly enough attention in articles and videos is the "quick cast". On the flats, a fish or a whole school can be "there" and then "gone" in a matter of seconds. Often, there are no second chances. This is one of the best videos I have found on the "quick cast" here to view

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If you are a fisherman...especially a fly fisher, you are aware (or should be) of the serious issues surrounding the building of a massive gold and copper mine in the headwaters of the rivers and streams that feed into Bristol Bay Alaska. Bristol Bay is the home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery and one of the most prolific king salmon runs left on earth. 


Northern Dynasty, the parent company of the Pebble Partnership has been officially seeking permits to build this mine since December of 2017 but their plan has been known for about a decade. Over the last two years, most of the news coming out of Washington has been bad news. On rare occasion, we see a little hope through the dark clouds. Northern Dynasty reports losing about $40 million in the first nine months of this year. Its deficit now exceeds $400 million. If the company can’t raise the money to pay its debts when they come due, it may have to “reduce or curtail” its operations “at some point,” the report says. To see more on this click here.

Conservation Watch

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Fly of the Month

Lawson's Matuka Streamer_edited.jpg

Image Credit: Mike Lawson/Henry's Fork Anglers

The hen saddle matuka streamer is another fly that Doug Swisher introduced to Mike. Over the years, this became my "go to streamer" for Western trout waters (rivers and lakes). Until I watched this video, I was unaware that it is also Mike's favorite streamer. In the video Mike provides some interesting insight into the origins of the fly and why he likes it so much. This fly is a bit unusual in that the way it is tied gives it a lot of natural action in the water and also makes it "ride" upside down and the materials and technique serve as a weed guard. To see the video click here...

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