This section is organized by geographical location or region. I am still working out the kinks but this is the current plan. Please feel free to offer suggestions...I would like to know what areas you would like to see covered, recommendations and reviews of places you have been, etc. At this point, there are not a lot of destinations listed as this section is a bit of an afterthought...but it will grow so stay tuned.

Please provide input, suggestions, comments here...

Freshwater Destinations:

US Destinations: 

West Coast: Includes Rocky Mountains and all point west.

Yellowstone Area: This includes the area within a 50 mile radius of West Yellowstone Montana.

East Coast: Includes everything east of the Rocky Mountains

Saltwater Destinations:

US Destinations:

Key West: currently in the works



Belize: Belize is located in a "good part" of Central America between the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula on the north and Guatemala to the south.