Flies for Bass:

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Unlike trout, bass are generally much more aggressive and aquatic insects are not on the top of their menu. Flies that imitate bait fish, frogs, cratfish, leeches, etc. are most commonly used.

Wooly Bugger - here is a fly that is virtually universal in terms of the species it will catch. This seems to have been my most productive fly for bass. It can be tied in any color and is typically weighted...the bead head version is very popular.

Olive Woolly Bugger - video by tightlinevideo

Build a Better Bugger - article with materials by Fly Tyer Magazine

olive bead head wooly bugger

Deer Hair Bass Popper - your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to tying deer hair poppers. In this case, I have chosen a Dahlberg Diver as an example. This is a fly I have fished successfully in the SF Bay Delta. If you do not know how to "spin" deer hair, there is information on this process just below.

Dahlberg Diver (a deer hair popper) - video by Steve Potter and The Weekly Fly

Spinning & Stacking Deer Hair Fly Tying Video - Tips and Tricks by InTheRiffle

Dahlberg Diver