Destinations: West Coast / Yellowstone Area / The Henry's Fork

I first met the Henry's Fork in the early summer of 1976...This trip started a love affair that has lasted for 44 years and counting. In the last few years I have had some issues with my legs and can no longer wade the way I used to so my trips to the Henry's Fork have been quite limited.

The Henry's Fork is the reason I have not fished as much in the salt as I would have liked and it has substantially limited the other waters I would have liked to visit over these many years. I guess that is the down side of being in love with a river. Still, I have managed to pull myself away from time to time and have been able to fish close to 100 other places across the west. Many of these other places are truly special and some are unique but none of them has been able to make me "trade" for more time on the Henry's Fork. I eventually bought a cabin on the HF and that no doubt contributed to fewer trips elsewhere. I am not a particularly religious person but I do believe that if God has a summer cabin, it may very well be very close to Island Park, Idaho.

There has been much written about this river over the years...much of it about the famed "Railroad Ranch" now known as the Harriman State Park. It is famous for many reasons...from the clear old water that flows out of Big Springs to the many large native rainbows that inhabit it. Couple that with the incredible hatches of mayflies, caddis and you have a "perfect" dry fly trout stream. 

The Henry's F ork has much more to offer than just the quite and serene waters of Harriman State Park. Just above the Harriman section is "The Box"...a lava rock canyon with large rocks, faster water, big fish and a salmonfly hatch that draws fly fishers from all around the world...much like the famous green drake hatch that, for many, defines the Harriman Park section. Above the box canyon is Island Park Reservoir which makes the lower section I just mentioned a tailwater fishery as well as a true spring creek. This may make the Henry's Fork unique...there certainly are other spring creeks and tailwater fisheries but I know no other river that can honestly claim to be both. Above Island Park reservoir (known locally as "the res" are more miles of river that offer good fly fishing when compared to many trout streams. The fish are smaller for sure but they are much easier to catch so there are a lot of good places for the beginner.

Below the Harriman Park is many more miles if great fishing. I will be writing more about this in the near future. Until then, you have my permission to go fish the Henry's Fork (it is "my" river) had better treat her right and release her fish.

The Henry's Fork - The Henry's Fork's technical source is the small outflow from Henry's Lake but the truly significant source is from Big Springs. Big Springs contributes over 120 million gallons of 52 deg. crystal clear spring water to the Henry's Fork daily. The leads some to call the Henry's Fork the "world's largest spring creek". To describe the Henry's Fork as you would most rivers is simply impossible. There are the smooth tranquil waters of the Harriman Park section (aka Railroad Ranch), there are sections of significant rapids and pocket water (Riverside Campground to Upper Mesa Falls) any virtually everything in between. Also known as the North Fork of the Snake River is a major tributary to the majestic Snake River.

Henry's Fork.jpg

The Henry's Fork, looking up from  "Millionaire's Pool 

credit: Mike Lawson, Henry's Fork Anglers