Fly fishing knots:

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Arbor knot - This knot is typically used to attach fly line backing to the arbor of the reel. Pass the fishing line round the arbor. With the free end, tie an overhand knot around the line. Then tie a second overhand knot in the free end to act as a stopper. Finally, slide the knots down tight against the arbor. Arbor knot video by Michael Bantam/YouTube


Uni knot - The Uni Knot, also known as the Hangman’s Knot, is very popular with monofilament. The Uni Knot is great not only for tying a hook, but also for attaching line to a reel. 1. Run line through the eye and double back, forming a circle 2. Tie uni-knot by wrapping tag end around double line six turns and through the loop. 3. Moisten line, then pull main line to tighten knot. 4. Pull main line to slide knot down to the eye of the hook or swivel. Uni knot video by tightlinevideo


Needle knot - A needle knot is used to connect the leader to the fly line or seperate butt section. It is somewhat more "streamlined" than a nail knot and it makes for a somewhat smoother transition of the fly line leader connection through the guides of the fly rod. Needle knot video by Rio


Nail knot - is an important fishing knot used to join two lines of different diameters and allows for line diameters to diminish down to the fly. It is useful for attaching your backing to the fly line, and your fly line to the leader, or tippet. How to Tie the Nail Knot by Fly Fishing & Dreams