About the fish we chase:

I am often surprised that more fly fishers and fishermen in general do not know more about the fish they target. I do not think knowing the latin names of these fish is of particular value, but knowing things such as their spawning habits, their preferred food sources and habitats are all helpful to some degree in making you a more successful fly fisher. The information in this section will help you get started in understanding more about the fish you chase...


For fly fishers, trout are the most common target. Of all the freshwater fish we chase, they are by far the most challenging. They live in a variety of environments with different water conditions that require different tactics and techniques. They are more selective eaters and their diets are way more varied. Today, trout swim on every continent but Antartica. There are numerous species and dozens of subspecies and as you will read, there are "trout" that are not trout.

There are four or five trout species that command most of our time as fly fishers. They are the rainbow, brown, cutthroat and brook trout. Multiple species often live in the same environment but their behavior and habits are often vastly different. It is these differences that almost demand a specific knowledge of each species.

In addition to the more common species as listed above, there are dozens of subspecies of both the rainbow and cutthroat trout. Many of these subspecies are rare, endangered or geographically isolated. For some fly fishers, catching these lesser known trout is a life long challenge.

If your interest is more basic, then just a couple of clicks on a few links will provide you with the general information. However, if you are truly interested in knowledge that will help you become a more effective fly fisher, there is a good bit more information contained within these pages.

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