Fly Rod Manufacturers

This section is meant to be a guide to fly rod manufacturers. As there is no comprehensive list of all fly rod manufacturers, this is my effort to make a list of what I believe to be the actual designers and manufacturers...not "rod builders".  If I have missed someone that should be included on this list, please let me know. The list below is in no specific order. thoughts on fly rods...

I will start by saying that there are not many "bad" fly rods on the market today. Competition, as you can see from the list to the left, has rooted out virtually all of the real trash.

Mostly, there are way too many fly fishers that just do not understand the basic fundamentals of fly casting or have not put in the time and effort to put those fundamentals into practice. If your rod, fly line and reel are properly matched and are appropriate for the fishing situation (weight of the fish and size of the flies you will be casting, etc.), it is hard to convince me that a casting problem is a "bad" rod.

There certainly may be rods better suited for any given set of fishing conditions and there are clearly differences in quality and rod design and this is often reflected the the price and warranties of rods.

I will virtually guarantee that a $900 fly rod will not make you a better fly may fit your style/casting stroke better than another rod and it can surely help. In too many cases I know personally, buying a "new" rod that seems to somehow allow you to cast better is really just covering up for one or more problems with your casting.