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My ideas as OnlyOnFlies grows...

As I have already said several times in these pages, I have been fly fishing and tying flies for over 40 years. I have a good knowledge when it comes to fly fishing in general and trout in particular. I have caught bass, salmon, steelhead, yuup...carp and more. I have made numerous trips into the salt for tarpon, bonefish, permit, mahi-mahi (dorado), roosterfish, sailfish and more. So I have a lot of general knowledge but little in the way of real expertise in these areas. Like MIDCURRENT, most of the content on these pages is "aggregated". I would like to add much more in the way of original content.

In order to make OnlyOnFlies the very best it can be, I either need to make myself into an expert in all things fly fishing or rely on the help of others that already know way more than I do on most of the topics I want to cover. As I am 73, I do not have the time, energy or resources to gather all of the necessary information necessary. However, many of you already have this knowledge and I suspect that many are willing to share that knowledge with other fly fishers.

At this point, OnlyOnFlies has no real commercial value or income of any kind so I am not in a position to pay potential contributors. However, I do hope that this might change as we grow. The tools I have used to build this site include tools for blogs, forums, an online store, videos and more. So there are many ways we might work together and eventually develop something that does have commercial value and should that happen, I will happily share any proceeds with those that help in the endeavor. 

I think the best example of what might be possible is the MIDCURRENT website. In my view it is a great website and a wonderful resource for fly fishers. MIDCURRENT is the child of two guys, one was a fishing guide in the Florida Keys for 12 years and the other is an ex-golfer. Much of the MIDCURRENT content is not original but is the result of what is termed "aggregating" which simply means finding quality fly fishing related content and "linking" to it your website and giving that source full credit for the content which is exactly what I have done with much of

Back in 2012 Forbes Magazine interviewed the MIDCURRENT founder and publisher and even back then described MIDCURRENT as "the fly fishing world’s most influential Internet provider of news, writing, photography and how-to advice. The site began solely as an aggregator of fly fishing news, but has recently added some original articles, videos and photography to the mix." To see the full interview, click here...

His thought of creating a website that "aggregates" related and existing quality content is not original as virtually all websites do this. This idea also occurred to me in the early 2000's when I fully realized how much valuable knowledge on fly fishing could be found on the internet and the problem was finding it.

Per their website..."MIDCURRENT delivers more than 4 million page views every year to discriminating and dedicated fly anglers. With 7,000-12,000 daily readers, more than 1 million yearly unique website visitors, and more than 25,000 newsletter subscribers, MIDCURRENT offers unparalleled reach and engagement."

As a result of their substantial online following, they now seem able and willing to pay at least some people for their contributions of articles, photographs, etc. Although the majority of contributors are not paid, their articles and expertise are very well publicized in the MIDCURRENT newsletter and on the website itself and this certainly creates and economic advantage for those in the fly fishing industry such as guides, fly tyers, aspiring writers, photographers, artists and others. 

So if you are one of those with knowledge in any of the following topics/areas and are willing to share that knowledge, I would love to hear from you. Following are some of the things I hope to pursue going forward.

I want to develop group of area "specialists" or "editors" or "gurus"...choose your term. To be a member of this group you will need to have considerable knowledge of a specific geographical area of the US (or elsewhere in the world) and a specific interest and knowledge of fly fishing for one or more specific species within that area. It can be as general as "fly fishing for bass in the Southeast" or "saltwater fly fishing in the Caribbean, Florida Keys or elsewhere". Perhaps you are well versed in steelhead fishing in the Northwest, a muskie/pike guy (or gal) in the upper Midwest or a striper "whisperer" in the Northeast. If you are a guide or otherwise make your living as part of the fly fishing industry, I will do all that is reasonable to help promote your business...fair is fair. I want to know about "panfish on the fly", fly fishing stillwater (lakes, ponds, reservoirs, etc.).

If you are a photographer/fly fisher, I want to see and share your work.

If your are an artist (painter, wood carver, etc.) of fly fishing related subjects, I want to see and support your work.

I am especially interested in conservation of sportfish species and fisheries related to fly fishing. If you feel as I do, let me hear from you and we will promote any serious activity whether it is a local fly fishing club or a national organization such as Trout Unlimited.

If you are a fly tyer and have an area of expertise whether it is species related or simply an interest in teaching others, I want to hear from you.

Maybe you are just a fly fisher like the rest of us but you have a great story to tell...let me hear it.

As you can see, there are very few fly fishing topics/areas that I will not consider. I would ultimately like to create a "board of directors/contributors" that might take this whole thing over a couple of years down the road.

If you have an interest in contributing in any way, please email me at or by clicking here to fill out a brief form so I can get back in touch with you. If emailing, please include a short description of your "area of expertise", why you are interested in contributing and as much contact information as you are willing to share. I will respond!