Natural Fly Tying Materials


As you might have guessed, this includes, bird feathers, animal hair and fur and, I would guess other "animal parts" some tiers have incorporated into their fly designs and patterns.

Feathers - common sources of feathers are duck, turkey, partridge, pheasant, peacock, and chickens...not just any chicken.

Common terms:

CDC (Cul de Canard) feathers grow near a duck's preen gland. Naturally waterproof and buoyant, they are incredibly lifelike on the water. 

Necks are feathers that are pulled from the region of the bird (typically chickens that are very specifically bred and raised just for their feathers) that begins near the top of the bird, and runs down the middle of the back. These are typically the highest quality feathers used for tying dry flies.

Saddles are feathers that come from the tail section of the bird.


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Hair and Fur