About the Fish We Chase / Other Trout Species

There are a few other trout that are not related to either the rainbow or brown trout. They belong to the Pacific Salmoides (genus Oncorhynchus) like all other trout except the brown trout but are their own unique species. They are:

Apache trout

Gila trout

Mexican golden trout

Apache trout (Oncorhynchus apache) North America: Upper Salt River and Little Colorado River systems (Colorado River drainage) in Arizona, USA. Image credit: US Fish & Wildlife Service.

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Apache trout

Gila trout (Oncorhynchus gilae) The Gila trout is native to tributaries of the Gila River in Arizona and New Mexico and is one of the rarest trout in the US. The Gila trout is found historically in the Verde and Agua Fria drainages in Arizona. Natural fish barriers prevented Gila trout from entering the upper Tonto Creek drainage (AZ). Gila trout have persisted in five streams within the Gila National Forest, New Mexico, including: Iron, McKenna, and Spruce creeks in the Gila Wilderness Area, along with Main and South Diamond creeks in the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Area.

image credit: Wikipedia

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Gila trout

The Mexican golden trout (Oncorhynchus chrysogaster) is a species of fish in the family Salmonidae. Mexican golden trout have an extremely limited range, being found only in the pristine high-elevation headwaters of the Fuerte RiverSinaloa River, and Culiacán River drainages in the Sierra Madre Occidental. This fish is highly restricted, and only known from 15 localities, one in the Sinaloa, four in the Culiacan, and ten in the Fuerte.

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image credit: J.R. Tomelleri drawings. Upper image is a male and lower image is a female.

Mexican golden trout female.jpg