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Coastal Cutthroat


Scientific Name:

Oncorhynchus clarkii clarkii


Cutthroat Trout


Cutthroat subspecies

Also known as:

AKA: Sea-run Cutthroat, Red-throat, Harvest Trout,

The coastal cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii clarkii) also known as the sea-run cutthroat trout, or harvest trout is one of the several subspecies of cutthroat trout found in Western North America. The coastal cutthroat trout occurs in four distinct forms. A semi-anadromous or sea-run form is the most well known. Freshwater forms occur in both large and small rivers and streams and lake environments. The native range of the coastal cutthroat trout extends south from the southern coastline of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska to the Eel River in Northern California. Coastal cutthroat trout are resident in tributary streams and rivers of the Pacific basin and are rarely found more than 100 miles (160 km) from the ocean.

Note: One of the two Coastal (Pacific) cutthroat trout.

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