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Palomino trout


Scientific Name:

Oncorhynchus mykiss


Rainbow Trout


Rainbow Variant

Also known as:

Golden rainbow trout which is technically wrong, also the Lightening trout or the Banana trout depending on the area of the US.

The rise of the palomino rainbow trout stemmed from obtaining fertilized golden rainbow trout eggs from West Virginia. Subsequently, when these golden rainbow trout reached maturity, they were crossed with normally pigmented rainbow trout and the offspring resulted in the development of the palomino rainbow trout. Several articles describe the palomino trout as being of the same general color as a golden rainbow trout but the color was less vibrant. The initial stockings of palomino rainbow trout in Pennsylvania waters occurred during the 1967 season. However, due to their more brilliant coloration, the golden rainbow trout is used exclusively for production purposes rather than the lighter palomino rainbow trout.

It is clear from reading that both the golden rainbow trout and the palomino trout are very closely related genetic anomalies. It is also clear that first West Virginia and then Pennsylvania developed these strains in an effort to “enhance” their respective fisheries and now, many other states have followed their lead.

Note: The Palomino trout and the Golden Rainbow trout are very closely related and difficult to distinguish. The Golden rainbow was "developed" in West Virginia in th 1950s and the Palomino trout in Pennsylvania much later.

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