About the fish we chase: Saltwater

Popular Saltwater Gamefish...

Knowledge about the saltwater fish you chase is no less important than knowing about the freshwater fish...knowing their preferred diet, feeding habits, how tides affect their movements are all important in order to maximize your chances of success...

Bonefish - this is perhaps the most popular saltwater gamefish for the fly fisher. 

Bonefish - see more... credit: flyfishbonehead.com

Bonefish - see more... credit:Florida Museum

Bonefish on a fly

Tarpon - while the bonefish may be more popular, the tarpon is, in my opinion, the most exciting of the saltwater gamefish.

Tarpon - see more...credit: Wikipedia

Tarpon - see more...credit: flyfishbonehead.com

Jumping Tarpon

Permit - the bonefish is mot popular, the tarpon is most exciting...well, the permit is the most elusive of the three. This threesome is also known as the saltwater "grand slam".

Permit - see more...credit: flyfishbonehead.com

Permit -  see more... credit:Florida Museum

permit on a fly

Redfish - for fly fishers in the Southeast and on the Gulf coast from Florida to Texas, the Redfish is a very popular target. They will readily take a well presented fly and are a strong fighter.

Redfish - see more...credit: flyfishbonehead.com

Redfish - see more... credit: Wikipedia

redfish on a fly

Stripers - or striped bass are a very popular gamefish for both fresh and salt water. In saltwater, stripers are found on both coasts. They are native to the Atlantic from the St. Lawrence River in Canada to Louisiana. Stripers have been introduced to the West Coast of the US and into many freshwater lakes and reservoirs.

Striped Bass - see more...credit: flyfishbonehead.com

Striped Bass - see more... credit: Wikipedia

striped bass on a fly

Snook - snook are common throughout the tropical waters of the western Atlantic Ocean from the coast of the North Carolina to Brazil including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Snook are a favorite of fly fishers as they are pretty aggressive and will readily ear a well presented fly.

Snook - see more... credit: flyfishbonehead.com

Snook - see more... credit Wikipedia

snook on a fly

Roosterfish - are found from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico to Peru. They like the shallow water; beaches, cliffs, rocks and bays. They range from palm size to over 100-pounds. They are fast, strong, ruthless and brawley, and they will eat flies. From my limited experience with Roosterfish, they are one of the strongest (pound for pound) saltwater fish.

Roosterfish - see more... credit: flyfishbonehead.com

Roosterfish - see more... credit: The roosterfish Foundation

roosterfish on a fly

Mahi-mahi, dorado, dolphin (the fish...not Flipper) - are a highly sought after saltwater gamefish. Because mahi-mahi are more of an open water fish and less a coastal fish, there is not as much hype as say a tarpon or redfish. My very first open water fish on a fly was a mahi-mahi. They are extremely acrobatic, will readily take a fly and, to my taste, the best eating fish in the ocean.

Mahi-Mahi - see more... credit: flyfishbonehead.com

Mahi-Mahi - see more... credit: Wikipedia

mahi-mahi 1_edited.jpg