Tool Specifics...

Fly Tying Vise - this is the "tool" that holds the hook so you can tie the fly.

Vises range in price from less than $20 to $1000 or more. There are dozens

of vise manufacturers. The articles and videos listed below will tell you some

of them are.

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credit: Fly Fish Ohio

Basic Tools:


Scissors - You will probably end up with several pairs, They need to be very sharp and have a fine point.

Bobbin Holders - This holds the thread bobbins/spools, again several of these will be useful.

Bobbin Wire Loop Tool - This helps get the thread through the bobbin holder without making you cross eyed.

Hair Stackers - They are a great aid in helping align the tips of deer hair and other kinds of fibers you will work with.

Dubbing Needles or Bodkins - For applying head cement, teasing dubbed materials, dividing wing tips and freeing "trapped" fibers.

Whip Finish Tools - This is used to "whip finish" the head of the fly, one of the very final steps in tying the fly. 

Hackle Pliers - Hackle pliers simplify the job of winding hackle. 

Dubbing Twister - A tools for twisting dubbing, threads into a rope which can then be easily wound around a hook. 

Other useful tools -  include; tweezers for holding small materials, small pliers for debarbing hooks.

Organisers are always useful as you tend to gather lots of small materials and bobbins with thread, chenilles and other materials.