Tools and Materials. 


As I said earlier, fly tying is a broad and deep topic. I have tied flies for about 40 many standards I am still a rookie. I have taken classes, I have watched videos, I have watched "master tiers", I have purchased books...I am still a rookie when compared to many. Throughout this section, I will utilize a lot of links to sites and articles that I have used and are "authored" by others much more knowledgeable than I am.


There are the "basic tools" that all fly tiers need and there are those that are for specific purposes and you may never need. The tools are pretty well dependent on the flies you want to tie. The basic "tool kit" consists of a vise (it holds the hook), scissors (short, sharp and somewhat delicate), bobbin holders (holds the spool of thread), whip finisher (used in the final stage to "lock" the thread in place and create a "clean" head on the fly and a bodkin (basically a long needle like gadget with a sharp point and a handle...many uses). There are also several glues and cements that are often used as a final step in the tying process. Here are numerous links to articles describing all of these tools in more detail and adding the more specialized tools into the mix. Tool specifics...

Natural Materials...

Synthetic Materials