Tying Stoneflies:

Tying stoneflies is a little more straight forward than either mayflies or caddisflies. This is because the life cycle of the stonefly is simpler. There is just the nymph and the fully formed adult that we need to be concerned about. For more on the stonefly life cycle, see the stonefly entomology section here...

I want to again point out a terrific series of videos that I feel all fly tiers and fly fishers should watch. Following is #10 in the series. 

Stoneflies: Simple Entomology for the Fly Tier and Fly Fisherman - by Rog and Jane Klettke

Golden Stonefly - This stonefly is common to many rivers and streams across the US. In many places the "hatch"...they actually crawl out of the water, is nocturnal. As a winged adult, the smaller stonefly species like the Yellow Sally may live just a few days while the larger species like the Salmonfly and Golden Stonefly may live up to two weeks. Here are a few of my favorite stonefly patterns...



Golden Stone Nymph - by tightlinevideo

Golden Stonefly Nymph

image: tightlinevideo

image: InTheRiffle

Stimulator Stonefly Dry