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Tying Terrestrials: 


If it is July, August or September and I am on the Henry's Fork or most Western streams, and if I could only have one would be a #14-16 black beetle.

Ground Beetle
Black Beetle Dry Fly

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Black Beetle


From late spring through the first freeze in the fall, an ant pattern is one of the really great "change up" flies anywhere. When they just will not eat a mayfly...

Do not forget that there are also flying ants, red ants and flying red ants...just as important. #14-16.

Black Ant
Black Ant

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On windy hot days, it is a hard to beat a grasshopper pattern when fished close to the bank. If the hoppers are flying, cover all the water...

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Tying the GFA (General Foam Attractor) Grasshopper by tightlinevideo

Tying midges: midges include both aquatic and terrestrials. Most fly fishers

use the term "midge" to describe any very small fly like insects.

Midges I: Simple Entomology for the Fly Tyer and Fly FishermanRog and Jane Klettke

Midges II: Simple Entomology for the Fly Tyer and Fly Fisherman - Rog and Jane Klettke