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The articles in this section are primarily "How To" and "Tips/Techniques". Articles about fishing specific destinations (rivers, lakes, etc.) can be found in the Destinations section. You have two choices here. You can either scroll through these pages or you can use the dropdown box to filter the articles based upon your choice. Once you find an article of interest, you can click on the article title and/or the "click here for more" link.

Origins of the Golden Rainbow Trout

Origins of the Golden Rainbow Trout

...includes the separate history of the Palomino trout

Jerry Denson/

There is a lot of confusion in the fly fishing community about the  golden rainbow is most often thought to be the Clifornia golden is not. It is also mistakenly called a palomino trout. This article will explain the origins of both of these "man made" trout.

Unlocking the Mysterious Pyramid
What you need to know before fishing Pyramid Lake

Unlocking the Mysterious Pyramid

...What you need to know before fishing Pyramid Lake

Elizabeth Preston/Dun Magazine

Imagine it being January at one of the most desolate lakes in America—Pyramid Lake.  You’re standing on your ladder in the water, bundled up in what never seems like enough layers, and donning ever-so-flattering neoprene waders.  Just as you wonder why you brave the stinging cold and miserable wind, you feel it and set.  It feels like a car engine is on your hook, and your line screeches as the fish takes you into your backing almost before you can blink.  The fish porpoises through the water’s surface and shows you its massive back.  This 15-pound Lahontan Cutthroat reminds you why you’re out here.

What Does The Trout See?

Louis Cahill/Gink and Gasoline

We are all trying to improve our skills when it comes to fishing for selective trout. One of the first lessons you should learn is how a trout sees the world. You want to get close enough to make an accurate cast but not so close that you spook the trout. Here is a good place to start your here for more

Tippet Material

Matteo Moretti /Flylords Magazine

Using the right (best) tippet for the situation can be a confusing choice. It boils down to monofilament vs flurocarbon. In the early days of flurocarbon availability I was not impressed at all. However, over time it has improved dramatically. Here is one of the best articles I have found that explains the advantages/disadvantages of both here for more

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