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Conservation and Conservation Groups

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By definition, "Conservation is the preservation or efficient use of resources".  I hope that all of us practice conservation with respect to the resources around us...perhaps try to use fewer fossil fuels (the air)...dispose of harmful items properly (water and soil) and other little things we can all do on a daily basis. Think of your kids, grandkids and those that will come behind us...they all want a clean and healthy environment. It takes little effort to do your part!

I think we all realize that we cannot make a really big difference as individuals but we should try whenever possible. Happily, there are numerous organization and groups that help us "do the heavy lifting" when it comes to conservation. They are all somewhat varied in their approach, but they all have an organized approach and are led by knowledgeable and well intentioned people. Your support of these groups is important and can be financial (joining and/or contributing) or it can be time and energy. Regardless of what you can something!

In this section, I want to increase awareness of these groups and help publicize their good work. I am starting with several organizations that I have personal experience with and will add groups as I find them. I ask you to support these groups, I ask you to support my effort by letting me know of active groups in your community doing the hard work of protecting our fisheries, etc. I will do my best to help make their efforts known and support those efforts as best I can.

Please join and support these groups... Please click here...

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