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Fly Fishing Destinations

I doubt that there is a fly fisher alive that has not wanted to pack up the gear and go somewhere you have never been with a fly rod. Whether it is that river or lake two counties over or something in another state or is just something we all want to do. I have been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of "packing" over the years. From dozens of rivers and lakes primarily in the West to Belize, the Bahamas, Florida Keys, several locations in Mexico and more. I have stayed in fancy lodges and cheap motels, I have camped, I have slept in my truck. I have had guides that didn't know a dry fly from cut bait, I have have been in boats in the saltwater that leaked so bad that one guy had to bail while the other was all great fun and usually worth the money spent.

Note: I have no intention of just listing a bunch of places to go fishing...If I do not have personal experience or can gather information from trusted sources, it will not appear in these pages. As I am early in this process, there are only a few destinations listed so far...the list will continue to grow. Should you be interested in adding a favorite destination or other content to our website, click here...

Unless you know someone who has been there, it is often difficult to really know what to expect. Brochures and websites may not answer all of the the important questions... Is there something for my wife to do? Are your guides experienced with fly fishermen? I hope to answer these questions and more. Over time, I will list a lot of destinations and will, wherever possible get reviews from fly fishermen who have been there. This will be a process and will take time but is a specific goal of


Here again, if you have first hand knowledge and experience with a destination and would like to help me include it in this section of the website, please contact me at:

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