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Bass on a Popper

Jerry Denson/

Bass on a Popper

A little about bass on a popper. I need to do more, it is a total hoot!

If you enjoy fishing with a fly rod and, you must because here you are, there is something you just need to experience. Hooking a decent sized bass on a popper is a total HOOT!

I readily admit to being a trout guy...more specifically, a dry fly guy. From time to time I am talked into doing something different. One of those things was chasing the wiley bass. As I said, I am a dry fly guy and so I love to see the rise and the take. It was somehow natural for me to try a popper so I might experience the same thrill from a bass. Well, I did and it worked.

Following are a few articles/videos that I have found that most closely show and explain the things I have experienced with poppers and bass.

How To Catch Bass On The Fly With Topwater Poppers - by Ben Duchesney and Postfly.

Popper Fishing Tricks for the Fly Rod - By Kirk Deeter Field & Stream

Bass Fly Fishing - video by Todd Moen / Catch Magazine

Fly Fishing for Bass with Poppers - by Troutster Outdoors (video)

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